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Robert grew up in the remodeling industry as his carpenter father and master woodworker and teacher grandfather shared wisdom in both remodeling and integrity.

Encouraged by his family, Robert went to college and earned a degree in Finance and Business Law, but he quickly realized his passion was in woodworking and remodeling.

In 1989, he started Elite Home Remodeling, founded on the strong work ethic and lasting morality instilled by his father and grandfather.

The business was a dream realized, especially as he remembers the words of his grandfather: “Son, as long as you do quality work, do what you say you are going to do, be honest, and if you can’t do something, be forthcoming, you will never look for work.”

As Robert welcomed his family and new employees into the business, he shared this advice and vision with them. It was his dream to run Elite Remodeling with his family, and he’s proud to see them involved: his wife, Janet, runs the daily operations, his stepson Kody is a Production Manager/Design Consultant, and his daughter Amber is a Design Consultant.
After 24 years of experience and a satisfied customer base of thousands, Robert knows his family will receive Elite Home Remodeling as a heritage, and he knows as long as his children follow the sound advice passed on to him from his grandfather, they, too, will never look for work.